Drug Collector Training

Governance of Drug Testing DOT HHS Non DOT


  1. Drug Collector Training

DOT and Non DOT drug testing

DOT HHS Non DOT collector training

Qualified Urine Drug collector

Understanding the Collection Process



Collector must be familiar with entire testing process

Collector must know about Correction of flaws, fatal flaws, and problem tests

Types of training for Drug Collectors


Qualified Professional Collector (QPC)

Qualified Professional Collector Trainer (QPCT)

Refresher training with mock collections

Overview / reasons for Qualification training



vResponsibility of collector- employer’s program (trusting you ); improve safety & regulatory compliance, 

vImprove safety -absentee reduction, quality improvement, & loss control

vProfessionalism (modesty & privacy)-NO conduct or remarks that might be construed as accusatorial or otherwise offensive or inappropriate

vExpectations on collector from employers

vProcess according to DHHS Mandatory guidelines & DOT’s 49 CFR Part 40

vInstructions on CFR 49 Part 40

Training at your location or using the internet


Training can be scheduled to fit you schedules and needs

Three options for training

  • At your location
  • Web-Based DOT Specimen Collector Qualification
  • Complete Qualification Professional Collector training via internet  

Course Training Agenda Qualified Professional Collector (QPC)


  • Overview and Objectives
  • DOT / HHS training
  • Split Specimen Collections  
  • Collector  requirement
  • Non-Regulated  Collections,     
  • Collection  Site                                     
  • Direct Observation
  • Collectio Supplies                                    
  • Monitored Collections
  • Donor                                                     
  • Shy Bladder Collections
  • Custody and Control Form  (CCF)          
  • Blind Performance Specimen Collections
  • Split Specimen Collections                   
  • Temporary Storage  
  •  Other Custody issues
  • Correctable/Flaws                                
  • Fatal /Flaws


Collectors will be expected to complete the course by performing five (5) mock collections.


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