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Jan Kornmann, BS
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 Jan Kornmann, BS, R-CPCT, M-BATT, C-LOCT,  STTT, C-DERT,  specializes in training on one to one basis or groups at the company site.  This saves companies from spending extra money and time sending the employees to seminars. The expensive is only for the trainer and not for each individual needing to be trained. Training can also be done using the internet saving companies cost of expenses. 

Jan Kornmann is a  trainer, educator, and consultant. The training presented is courses ranging from:

  • DATIA Certified Professional Collector Trainer (Regional Certified Professional Collector Training since 2002)
  • Breath Alcohol Technician Trainer (BATT) (since 1994) and Master trainer
  • Screening Test Technician Trainer (STTT)
  • Supervisor Drug Free Workplace Reasonable Suspicion Trainer
  • Employee Drug and Alcohol Trainer
  • Designated Employer Representative training
  • She presents to Fortune 500 companies, small companies, clinical staff, and municipals.

Jan earned a Medical Laboratory Technician degree from the Medical Institute of Minnesota. She worked as a technician, supervisor, and then managed various family practice, multi- specialty, and occupational medicine clinics.  She attained a Bachelor of Science degree from Cardinal Stritch University in Management and Sales/ Sales Management graduated with Magna Cum Laude while working full time as a Manager of a occupational medicine clinic.

She has over thirty years experience in: clinical laboratory testing, sales of laboratory services, marketing companies- DOT and non DOT drug & alcohol testing and coordinates procedures and policies for their programs and educates on rules and regulations both Federal and State level.

As the owner of KorManagement Services she continues to work with companies on Workplace Drug and Alcohol Programs. Being in the drug and alcohol industry business since the inception of drug and alcohol testing in the late 1980’s; she continues to keep abreast of current rule and regulations.  She teaches the basics of drug testing, what the different functions and roles of service agents – Collectors, DER’s, Laboratory, Medical Review Officer (MRO), MRO Assistant, Substance Abuse Professional (SAP),  and Consortium/ Third Party Administrators (C/ TPA).  

The CPC, BAT, C-LOCT,  STT, Reasonable Suspicion, DER training is done at the companies locations and can be training one - two (1-2) employee to groups up to fifty(50) – depending on what is being trained. Or training over the internet. 
Jan is a member of Drug and Alcohol Testing Association DATIA  and is currently on the Board of Directors (2016-2018) and is an instructor for DATIA.  She also is a member of Substance Abuse Program Administration Association SAPAA

  Workplace Drug & Alcohol

KMS presents seminars for Qualified Professional  Collectors (QPC) for workplace drug collections, Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT), Screening Test Technician (STT), Designated Employer Representative (DER), Employee educational programs, and Supervisory Training. For information on courses, locations, and dates contact: 

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Quote on training- Reasonable Suspicion, Designated Employer Representative,
Drug Collection, Breath Alcohol Technician,

To be a professional collector for DOT personnel must be trained into the requirements set forth in the Federal Register CFR 49 Part 40. The course instructor— Jan Kornmann, BS, is an Regional Certified Professional Trainer (R-CPCT) certified by Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association datia.org, She is authorized by DATIA to conduct the Certified Professional Collector (CPC) training course for urine drug collection, and alternative collections—hair, sweat, oral fluid and point of collection testing.

Breath Alcohol Technician Training (BAT) and Screening Test Technician Training (STT) is also available. C-LOCT on Lifeloc Technologies EBT's- Evidential Testing Equipment as well as Provisional Instructor training is available. The training is  according to Department of Transportation Modal requirements.



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